Registration Procedure

As we are a private preschool we endeavour to ensure a good fit for your child's needs with our programming, the other children in attendance and our staff. To that end WEM now does a one on one private entrance interview with the child and their family in a "live active" classroom prior to acceptance. This intimate opportunity has been extremely positive with our clients as it supports a peaceful customized environment for parents to view their child in the room before starting. It also allows the existing children to transition with a new "friend" in a healthy, safe, developmentally appropriate way!  Please note that if needed we can conduct this entrance interview via Google Duo or Zoom.

Just email us from the "Contact Us" Tab which has a specific "Contact Us" form OR Email the owner directly to book this visit at: . Either way we will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

When you use email or the "About Us" Contact Form your private inquiry/information requests are placed in a queue for a return contact directly from the owner. This is also how we electronically track our wait list for faster efficient and fair service to all inquires.

All Registration and Related Forms are now available during the Entrance Interview.

For Note remember change is part of life as are transitions. Scaffolding these changes (i.e. breaking them into bite sized chunks) is a life skill called critical thinking and part of the responsibility of healthy parenting. If you need some coaching or support with this skill we have in house coaching that any parent, client or non, can access by giving us a call (780) 893-3833. This coaching is customized for the parent's skill set, experience and needs. We specifically help the adults help their children peacefully enter preschool and/or ease transitions for such milestones as ESL, Potty Training, Separation Anxiety etc. Again call the owner for more information (780) 893-3833 as these custom paid services are booked individually.